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Mission and Philosophy

Mission Statement

It is our mission to enhance the quality of life for people who need medical equipment by providing excellent products and unmatched service. We serve with honesty, integrity and reliability. Through each interaction with Bellevue Healthcare, our clients know we care. 

BHC's core values reflect what is important to us - our team members, customers, referral sources, and communities. They are the foundation upon which our Company culture is built. Acting upon our core values has helped make us successful and they will continue to guide our path in the future. By maintaining these values, we can preserve the character that makes BHC stand out.


Excellence Begins at Day One…

Did you know that every general manager at Bellevue Healthcare began as a delivery driver? Outsourcing management isn’t something we believe in. Instead, we hire with vision for the future. Every service representative that you speak with has vast technical experience, because he or she began in the field.

Learning the equipment through delivery and set up offers our representatives the knowledge and hands-on experience necessary to provide unmatched service, both in the field and on the phone. Over 90% of our drivers are hired with a college degree. They aren’t shuttled into a management program, they are taught from the ground up.

Our average sales representative spends at least nine months in the field as a delivery tech. Field experience also improves our representatives understanding of the care and compassion that is needed in our field.

Once they have a solid foundation of product knowledge and service, many take the opportunity to learn office roles. We pride ourselves on our hiring practices. We don’t hire to simply fill a spot; we hire with the hopes that every team member will reach his or her full potential in whichever niche he or she find suitable to their career path.

This commitment to “smart hires” ensures you’ll receive the service you’ve come to know and expect from Bellevue Healthcare. Whether it be as delivery technician, General Manager, or all points in between, you can rest assured that each team member has received quality training to help service our referrals and their patients with nothing less than excellence.

Assurance and Advantages

Discernment. From your very first contact with BHC, you will be guided by a knowledgeable staff member through a number of decisions to define and prioritize the requirements of your patient’s new medical equipment.

Cost Conscious. At BHC we strive to bring you competitive prices. To ensure we meet this benchmark, we rigorously monitor what the industry offers, to help reduce excessive spending.

Respect. When equipment is delivered, your patient can expect to meet a friendly representative who will respect their time, property, and unique needs.

Bellevue Healthcare is able to obtain medical equipment from a variety of sources. We add new products monthly. And our volume ordering guarantees competitive pricing. Don’t hesitate to inquire about new products to the market.