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When your employee Nathan delivered and picked up my mother’s hospice equipment.  He did an outstanding job explaining each piece of equipment and every detail of how they worked. I wanted you to know that my family was very impressed with him. I think he has a lot of talent and it is clear how much he cares when he is describing the equipment, delivering, and picking it up. He was very professional. 

— Caleb A.
Bellingham Customer - September 2016

I wanted to take a moment to express how impressed I am by Kevin.

My client is severely disabled and dependent on his electric wheelchair to do most of his activities of daily living, including shopping, walking his dog, going to appointments and just getting out of his apartment and getting a change of venue.

Last week, I noticed that the front and rear tires of his electric chair were almost completely threadbare... I called Numotion and asked when someone could come to him...I was told that the soonest someone could come out would by this Friday, September 23rd, 11 days after my phone call, stating that they “have three techs out on vacation.”   I then asked if the tech could bring the wheels with him when they come out and they indicated that the tech would just be coming to confirm that he, indeed, needs new wheels and then they would notify his primary care physician for a prescription and then they would submit to Molina Medicare and Medicaid for payment.  This could take weeks and his chair is unsafe.

I called my ex-colleague Katie Casillas and she advised me to call BHC.  Kevin H. has been incredibly patient, professional, steadfast and has persevered with me and I have now ordered replacement wheels through him.

I wish there were a way I could get my client’s contract transferred to your company.  I am deeply impressed with the level of professionalism, knowledge and compassion your staff demonstrates through very complex situations. Thank you for employing such wonderful individuals as Kevin.


— Barbara E.
Redmond Customer, September 2016

I wanted to commend Matt. He got the equipment out so quickly it made the entire process much easier. Thank you!

— Mary B.
PULLMAN CUSTOMER - September 2016