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Where is the closest Bellevue Healthcare location?

Our Locations page lists all of our showroom locations across Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and California. You can also search by your zip code, city, or state to quickly view which locations are closest to you. Click here to view our Locations page.

Does Bellevue Healthcare rent or sell equipment?

Both. Bellevue Healthcare carries a wide selection of home medical equipment in our retail showrooms as well as online. We also can special or custom order products for our customers. While we have a wider selection of equipment available for purchase, our rental options can be a cost effective solution for equipment that is required for short-term use. Renting medical equipment is fast, convenient and covered by many insurance plans.

Your local Bellevue Healthcare branch is prepared to assist you and help you decide if renting or purchasing is the best option for your situation. Our knowledgeable Customer Experience team can help assist you at 1-866-451-2842. 

Learn more about renting with Bellevue Healthcare and browse the rental section available through our website. More rental equipment options may be available directly through your local Bellevue Healthcare branch.

What should I do if I need service after hours?

Call the phone number of the branch that provided your equipment, leave a detailed message, and an on-call manager will return your call within 1 hour. 

Will Bellevue Healthcare fix my broken equipment?

If the equipment was provided by Bellevue Healthcare and is malfunctioning or broken we can often fix it.

Some items may be covered under warranty and others may require payment for parts and labor. If the equipment was not provided by Bellevue Healthcare we may be able to inspect it and determine if we can service it. This done on an individual case basis.

Will Bellevue Healthcare bill my insurance for the equipment I receive?

Yes, however it must be a covered benefit under your plan and we must have proper documentation per your plans requirement.  This will vary widely depending on your plan and we always encourage you to call your insurance provider ahead of time to better understanding your benefits and applicable co-pays. A list of insurance companies we are contracted with is available on our Insurance resource page. 

If the required documentation and signed forms are on file, we will handle all the insurance paperwork, claim information, and handling. Contact your local BHC office for more information on specific reimbursement information. Bellevue Healthcare does NOT guarantee payment for any items regardless of the coverage, this is standard procedure as your insurance company won’t guarantee payment until the claim is received and properly approved.

If BHC doesn’t carry an item that I want/need, can you order it for me?

If the product you need is carried by distributors or manufacturers that Bellevue Healthcare currently does business with, we can special order that item for you. You may be responsible for shipping and handling.  Don't hesitate to contact us about unique items.  

If I need something delivered today can you get it to me?

Under most circumstances, yes.  For same-day service we ask that you call us as early in the day as possible. Our offices schedule regular deliveries from 8am to 5pm. These hours may differ slightly by location, please contact your local Bellevue Healthcare. Store phone numbers and business hours can be found on our Locations page.  

If you are an existing oxygen customer and have an emergency, after-hours delivery is an option.

Will you deliver to the hospital or nursing home before discharge?

Yes. Please be sure to provide Bellevue Healthcare with adequate information for us to serve you in this manner. We will need: location including room numbers, alternate contacts, and discharge dates and times.  

Will Bellevue Healthcare pick-up my old medical equipment when I am done with it?

Bellevue Healthcare will only pick up items that are the property of Bellevue Healthcare like a rental return or a purchased item that is being returned within the return period (or specially arranged). 

Can Bellevue Healthcare staff move furniture in my home to make space available for a hospital bed or other large equipment?

No. Our staff does not have liability coverage to move furniture or other items in private homes. Please arrange to have an adequate amount of space available before our driver arrives. 

If Medicare doesn’t pay for something, will my secondary cover the item?

Typically, if Medicare denies an item the secondary insurance will follow suit.  Occasionally, DSHS will pay for some particular items when Medicare won’t.  In that situation, the claim usually goes directly to DSHS (Medicaid) and Medicare isn’t billed at all for the item.

Does Medicare pay for bath safety?

No.  Bath safety items like raised toilet seats, toilet safety frames, shower chairs, etc are private pay only.  Click here to learn more about Medicare and DME (Durable Medical Equipment) here.

Does Bellevue Healthcare buy used medical equipment?

No.  If you are interested in donating your used equipment, we recommend that you contact your local senior center or another organization that accepts those types of items. For a referral please call your local Bellevue Healthcare store and they can direct you.

I have family coming into town for a visit and they have oxygen, can they get tank refills from BHC?

It is best to set up tank refills with your family's current O2 provider (BEFORE they arrive), they can make arrangements with us to provide O2 while they are here.