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  • Home Medical Equipment

Home Medical Equipment

Home Medical Equipment (HME) can be the most cost effective, convenient and comfortable to address a variety of needs.

HME is suitable for:

  • Rehabilitation.
  • Long-Term Care
  • Short-Term Care
  • Palliative Care.

Comfort, Cost & Convenience

Comfort. HME allows a patient to have their medical equipment needs met within the comfort of their own home.

Cost Effective. Bellevue Healthcare supplies a variety of HME equipment to meet all your needs and allow you to avoid costly and unpleasant stays outside the home.

Convienant. Our experienced team will do everything they can to make your experience as smooth and stress free as possible.

Serving You

Bellevue Healthcare Will:

  • Help determine the appropriate equipment needed.
  • Coordinate the delivery and pick-up of equipment.
  • Bill your insurance (when applicable).

Through every interaction with Bellevue Healthcare we want you to know, we care.

Quality and Selection

Our extensive inventory will allow you to receive equipment quickly right to your door.

In addition, we will place special orders for unique home medical equipment and are always adding equipment to our online catalog.

Rent or Purchase Equipment?

HME can be rented or purchased depending on your insurance and type of equipment needed.

Learn more about the benefits or renting equipment from Bellevue Healthcare.