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Rental Rehab & Mobility Equipment

Bellevue Healthcare is able to rent a variety of Rehab and Mobility Equipment.

Equipment listed is a general overview of equipment available and not exclusive.

Depending on your insurance different equipment may be available to rent, or available to purchase as deemed a medical necessity.

  • Manual Wheelchairs.
  • Power Wheelchairs.
  • Transport Wheelchairs.
  • Long Term Care Chairs.
  • Custom Wheelchairs.
  • Mobility Aids.
  • Power Scooters.

Please contact your local office to place an order for rental equipment or to inquire about an option not listed here.

We have offices across Washington as well as locations in Oregon, Idaho, and California. Search for your nearest office here.

Research Equipment

A limited selection of our extensive rehab and mobility collection is available online. We are continually adding to our online collection. If the equipment you need is not listed please contact your local office for details or to place an order.