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I am writing to thank you, Dan and Joe, individually and as a team, for the excellent customer service that you have given me.  When I was in the Everett store, you were very focused and gracious with the time that you spent helping me choose a lift chair.

At that time, you know how happy I was with the chair I finally chose. After it was delivered and I called you with my concern about the rocking motion, you, again, were very thorough checking on that motion with the other store models and involving Joe.  Joe's interest and involvement in the issue showed support for both your store team and the customer. For me the result is that I feel very satisfied with my purchase and especially happy and comfortable that I chose to do business with you all at BHC, Everett. It has been an experience of everything going right in making an important, major purchase. Thank you!

— Eric J
Everett Customer - JANUARY 2016

What a great employee you have! Michael has been out a few times and he has always been very helpful, kind and just a joy to have around.

— August M
Everett Customer - JANUARY 2016

When the patient passed away on Saturday, the family really needed to get the equipment out. Kurt worked really hard to ensure the equipment was removed same day. Our family had a great experience with Kurt and will recommend BHC to others because of his customer service.


— Jolene M
Everett Customer - December 2015