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What a great employee you have! Michael has been out a few times and he has always been very helpful, kind and just a joy to have around.

— August M
Everett Customer - JANUARY 2016

When the patient passed away on Saturday, the family really needed to get the equipment out. Kurt worked really hard to ensure the equipment was removed same day. Our family had a great experience with Kurt and will recommend BHC to others because of his customer service.


— Jolene M
Everett Customer - December 2015

Mimi was very pleased with the quick turnaround Kenny offered related to the hospital bed need as we had the order all ready to go within 24 hours. The family ended up canceling, but she still wanted to let us know about her positive experience with Kenny. She noted that Kenny was very professional and extremely helpful, and she's grateful he was able to make an otherwise stressful situation very smooth. She will certainly be using us in the future and will spread the word to anyone who needs our services moving forward.


— Mimi G
Bellevue Customer - December 2015