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On 2/5/2016 at 5:55pm, I arrived wet, frustrated and unannounced at Bellevue Healthcare. I was in desperate need of an oxygen concentrator for my 12-pound dog who had just been diagnosed with a severe respiratory condition. I was frightened, and knew nothing about how this equipment worked, how much it would cost, whether I was capable of setting it up by myself, etc.

With the utmost patience and professionalism, and despite being kept well past closing time, Bill explained everything. He provided a 5-liter model along with extra tubing and showed me exactly how to set it up once I got it home. He even braved the deluge and lugged this big, heavy item out to my Miata, then placed it in the passenger's seat without damaging the car's upholstery.

In all my 61 years, I've only written four such letters of appreciation. Having worked for major corporations including Hewlett-Packard, Siemens, Philips Healthcare and others, I know excellent service when I receive it. I think it's important for management to know that Bill is representing Bellevue Healthcare in a very positive and professional way, and is going above and beyond in his delivery of world-class customer care.

Sadly, my little dog passed eventually away from the lung cancer for which the oxygen had been needed. When I came in to return the concentrator, Marian was very sympathetic about my recent loss. She told me that pet owners are using this equipment more often these days, and asked that I provide her with instructions on how I was able to put together an oxygen tent that was the right size. She said that she would then pass this information along to the many customers who are asking how to do this. I'll soon be sending her an email that explains how to make a tent from an inexpensive bubble-shaped umbrella.

Both Bill and Marian treated me with exceptional warmth and caring during a very difficult time, and I'm sure your other customers are also grateful for their sincerity and their knowledge, especially when dealing with potential health crises. Thank you for hiring and retaining such highly qualified staff at Bellevue Healthcare. I will gladly recommend your company to anyone who is in need of your products.

— Greyling G.
Bellevue Customer - March 2016

I just want to pass on a huge thank-you to Matt who was in our facility today working with a client. He noticed me struggling to help stabilize a manual wheelchair in disrepair for another client who is awaiting insurance approval for wheelchair repairs. He offered to adjust the patient’s brakes, one of which was twisted and barely holding on. This excellent and quick repair made a true and instant improvement to my clients safety during transfer. You’re lucky to have Matt working for you and I wanted to pass on my gratitude and let you know that he is an excellent representative for your company!!

— Sylvie D.
Bellingham Customer - February 2016

KC was exremely thoughtful, taking his time to make sure I was confortable with what he delivered. BHC was very helpful through the entire process.

— Beverly K.